I offer personal training in swimming pools, outdoor training spaces, fitness centers and in your home.

Water Training
Because it involves movement in all directions and planes, water training dramatically increases strength and balance. Water provides 12 times the resistance of air, maximizing the benefits of all different kinds of exertion in the water. Water is also a safe environment for plus-sized and super-sized clients, since it reduces the effect of gravity on weight-bearing joints while still enjoying all of the benefits of exercise. Exercise in the water is fun — it feels a lot more like playing in the water than “working” out.

A typical session in the water will include cardiovascular training (with intervals), strength training (with the use of resistance gloves and barbells designed for the water), and gentle stretching.

Outdoor Training
I meet clients at Kezar Stadium in Golden Gate Park. Depending on the client, we may use the soft track for walking, racewalking, jogging, or running drills, and take advantage of the stadium steps, and portable fitness equipment I bring to get a full-body training session. We enjoy the added benefit of the beauty of Golden Gate Park during our session.

Fitness Center Training
In a fitness center, we can take advantage of various machines, free weights, resistance bands, stability balls, and cardiovascular endurance equipment. We use space dedicated to increasing your strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance.

At-Home Training
Personal training in your home uses equipment you may have or that I provide. I have a fully portable gym that uses resistance tubing of varying strengths and physioballs for balance and strength work. All we need is a door that opens and closes and several square feet of space for training. Personal Training fee for in-home training is always $95/hour and is available only in San Francisco.

Group Adventures and Training
I offer group outings for plus-size women, including hikes, and athletic event training (triathlon, local footraces). Other fat-friendly adventures are in the works. Please contact me if you’d like to be on my mailing list.

For information about one group training event: Click Here


Why “BumbleBee”?

With its short fat body, little short wings and small wing span, some experts claim that the bumblebee is theoretically incapable of flight — using conventional rules of aerodynamics, at least. Yet despite all of the experts contentions and conclusions, the bumblebee defies those rules. I use the bumblebee as a symbol for my business because, as fat women, we are so often told we cannot be physically fit. However, I believe — and my clients prove every day — that fitness is independent of weight and size. Very fat people can be very fit. We can enjoy all of the benefits of improved health, fitness, and vitality at any size. We can fly!

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