Inspire the World to Fitness: An IDEA Whose Time Has Come
IDEA Fitness Press Release, November, 2003

Can Fitness and Fatness Peacefully Co-Exist?
Women’s Independent Press

Five ways Service Must Trump Products
Female Entrepreneur Magazine Sept/October 2003

Race Weekend is Finally Here for Exercise Buffs
San Francisco Examiner, May 16, 2003

Change Your Life

Alternative Medicine magazine, January/February 2003, p. 88. Article profiled me and two other people who had made dramatic lasting changes in our lives.

Large Women Discovering Pluses of an Active Lifestyle
Article about a group of plus-size women I coached to walk the 12k Bay to Breakers, January – May, 2003

Team Danskin Training
An Adobe PDF File about the Team Danskin 6 Week Training program


Why “BumbleBee”?

With its short fat body, little short wings and small wing span, some experts claim that the bumblebee is theoretically incapable of flight — using conventional rules of aerodynamics, at least. Yet despite all of the experts contentions and conclusions, the bumblebee defies those rules. I use the bumblebee as a symbol for my business because, as fat women, we are so often told we cannot be physically fit. However, I believe — and my clients prove every day — that fitness is independent of weight and size. Very fat people can be very fit. We can enjoy all of the benefits of improved health, fitness, and vitality at any size. We can fly!

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