Are you seeking a new fitness challenge? Do you want to get started with fitness and could use some guidance?

Based in San Diego, I offer one-on-one, duet and small group training in beautiful outdoor parks, fitness studios, swimming pools and in your home in a supportive and judgement-free environment.

I specialize in training plus-size, supersize, and pregnant women, though I work with women and men of all sizes, ages and abilities.

About Sharon

As a plus-sized woman, I found it difficult to find fitness professionals who could work with me appropriately and respectfully and who really understood what it was like to be in my size of body. During my adult life I have been a size 14/16 and a 28/30 and every size in between, and I have exercised at all of those sizes.

In 1991 I decided I wanted to complete a triathlon and I wanted to find a fitness professional who could listen to me and help me work towards achieving my goals. Instead, more often than not, I found skepticism and judgment from fitness professionals who wanted to put me on a diet rather than help me prepare for the triathlon. I realized that I needed to be the fitness professional I couldn’t find. Less than a year after I finished my first triathlon, I earned my personal trainer certification.

I believe in fitness at any size and at every size. I work with each client to create a safe, effective, and fun fitness program for her. We work on cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and any other goals she has. If you choose to work will me, it will be my job to support you in working towards your fitness and personal goals in a shame-free and judgment-free space.

Why “BumbleBee”?

With its short fat body, little short wings and small wing span, some experts claim that the bumblebee is theoretically incapable of flight — using conventional rules of aerodynamics, at least. Yet despite all of the experts contentions and conclusions, the bumblebee defies those rules. I use the bumblebee as a symbol for my business because, as fat women, we are so often told we cannot be physically fit. However, I believe — and my clients prove every day — that fitness is independent of weight and size. Very fat people can be very fit. We can enjoy all of the benefits of improved health, fitness, and vitality at any size. We can fly!

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